#12 Delusion

Meat people love deluding themselves.

For example, most meat people like to believe animals raised for food live long, happy lives and are killed painlessly, but this couldn't be further from the truth. And even when meat people are confronted by the truth, for example, the video of slaughterhouse workers torturing downed dairy cows and forcing them into the kill box with forklifts, even then meat people often still refuse to give up meat.

Meat people's delusions are evidenced in their language. For example, meat people often find it "shocking" or "deliberately offensive" when vegans use proper terminology for animal products, such as "dead, rotting flesh" or "puss-ridden secretions." Meat people love deluding themselves into believing meat isn't flesh and that milk isn't a secretion.

Another common delusion meat people love is that an animal-based diet is healthier than a plant-based diet. Meat people love worrying about protein, iron, calcium, and other nutrients. But they only worry about them for vegans and vegetarians. They assume that their animal-based diet is healthy, regardless of how much excess fat, cholesterol, sugar, and sodium it contains. or how much it lacks vitamin C, water, fiber, and variety.

Meat people just conveniently ignore the fact that nonmeat people tend to live longer than meat people. They delude themselves and think that consuming meat on a daily basis is a good idea.

Not only do meat people blind themselves to the truth, they often use blinding devices on animals. Whether it's blinders on horses in Central Park, greyhound racing dogs, or lack of sunlight to factory farmed food animals, meat people love blinding others.

When dealing with deluded meat people be sure not to make sudden movements, loud noises, or overwhelm them with information. They are easily emotionally flooded and may become aggressive when their delusions begin to dissolve.