#5 Claiming Vegans Aren't Funny

Meat people love making fun of vegans. They make jokes that they think are so witty and smart, but the vegans have usually heard the jokes before. And they're usually not so witty or smart.

Some examples of these kinds of unfunny jokes:
"She don't eat meat, but she sure likes the bone."
"Moooooooo!" or "Oink, oink" as they eat meat.
"But what about the plants!?!?!?!"

Meat people expect vegans to:
a) laugh at unfunny jokes and
b) laugh at tired, unfunny jokes.
When vegans don't laugh, meat people usually claim that vegans are unfunny and then the meat people often get mad.

If you are ever dealing with an unfunny meat person you have a couple choices:

1. Ignore them. Meat people who make unfunny jokes are trying to get your attention and approval. Don't give it to them. Be interested in your own navel if you have to.

2. Out funny them.