#23 The Taste of Power

Apparently meat-eaters sense of taste is related to their desire to dominate or to support unequal power structures. They like the taste of power.

Meat-eaters prefer the taste of things they are told are meat, even when they aren't actually meat.

"[A] large group of people were given a 'human values' test which seeks to measure fifty six different values (loyalty, ambition, social order, etc.) Then, the subjects were asked to rate a variety of sausages. People who scored high on 'social authority' - they believed it was important to support people in power - tended to label the 'vegetarian' sausage as inferior, even when the vegetarian sausage was actually from a cow." (source)

They must actually like the idea of eating dead animals. Humans are animals, too, you know? So just watch your back when you're around meat people.