#8 Whining About How Hard Veganism Is

Meat people love whining about how hard it is to be a nonmeat person.

Even though most meat people have never spent any significant amount of time exploring nonmeat lifestyles, they like to act as though they are experts on the subject and assume all kinds of things about nonmeat people.

Some unsolicited phrases meat people love to say to nonmeat people:
"I could never be a vegan."
"You're so brave."
"But what about _?"
"I love _ too much."
"You have so much self-control."

Meat people assume it's extremely difficult to not eat meat. Apparently meat people are slaves to their taste buds and are incapable of changing their habits. Ever. They also seem to hate nutrition, cooking, and vegetables.

So, how should you deal with meat people who assume it's extremely difficult to not eat meat and who whine about it?
Just change the subject. Whiners are annoying.