#16 Forced Impregnation

This goes for milk people too, not just meat people. Meat people like forced impregnation.

Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated so that when they give birth, they will produce milk. But cows don't give milk forever after they've given birth, so they must be re-impregnated. Dairy cows in the US are often repeatedly impregnated in a continuous cycle of pregnancy and birth from the time they become fertile until the time they are slaughtered (often at 3 or 4 years, a fraction of their lifespan). In fact, some dairy cows are pregnant when slaughtered.

Many of the calves of dairy cows are slaughtered at younger than 5 months old for veal meat. Dairy cow's beef is cheap and is used in things like US school lunch programs. The dairy industry's main product is, you guessed it, dairy. So even though they make a profit from veal and from dairy cow beef, those are bi-products of the dairy industry, not the other way around. Milk is a big money-maker.

Pigs are forcibly impregnated to produce piglets. The female pigs are often kept in gestation crates that are only large enough for the pig to stand or lie down, not large enough to turn around. Commonly, when the piglets are only about six months old they are slaughtered for pork meat.

Since meat people like meat, like pork or veal, then they must like forced impregnation. And since milk people like milk, well, they must like forced impregnation, too.